• Lista de Maratonas já realizadas - joana

    NomeInícioFimTotal VistosMédia/Dia
    The K201/10/201613/11/2016150.35
    Love in the Moonlight01/10/201613/11/201640.1
    Shopping King Louie01/10/201613/11/201630.07
    Our Gab Soon01/10/201602/11/201630.1
    Boku no Ita Jikan01/10/201603/10/201694.5
    Scarlet Heart: Goryeo01/10/201612/11/2016200.48
    Her Lovely Heels13/10/201613/10/201644
    Something About 1%21/10/201627/11/2016160.44
    Go Ho's Starry Night28/10/201611/11/201670.5
    The Man Living In Our House02/11/201601/01/2017160.28
    Jealousy Incarnate12/11/201612/11/20162424
    Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo18/11/201612/01/2017160.3
    Legend of the Blue Sea18/11/201628/01/2017200.29
    When a Snail Falls in Love29/11/201618/02/2017210.26
    Twenty Years Old02/12/201602/12/201644
    Just You (THA)12/12/201625/12/201660.47
    The Secret Message25/12/201626/12/20161818
    First Seven Kisses27/12/201605/01/201780.89
    Missing Nine28/12/201619/03/2017160.2
    Love That Makes You Cry28/01/201729/01/20171010

    Em andamento:
    NomeInícioTotal VistosMédia/Dia
    Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim09/11/201640.04
    Father, I'll Take Care of You06/12/201660.06
    Emergency Man and Woman12/12/201610.01
    Cruel Romance01/01/2017280.35
    Tomorrow With You10/01/201780.12
    Introverted Boss20/01/2017140.23
    Scum's Wish28/01/201780.16
    Powerful Woman Do Bong Soon28/02/201720.1

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