Andressa Mayara

Listas de Andressa Mayara:
Falecidas Forever!!
Xodó < 3

PASSADA!!! (30)

Formato Texto
Anne with an E - 1x2
I Am No Bird, and No Net Ensnares Me
Band of Brothers - 1x9
Why We Fight
Bates Motel - 4x10
Breaking Bad - 5x7
Say My Name
Breaking Bad - 4x13
Face Off
Chernobyl - 1x5
Vichnaya Pamyat
Dexter - 4x12
The Getaway
Dexter - 4x11
Hello, Dexter Morgan
Downton Abbey - 3x4
Episode 4
Fargo - 1x10
Morton's Fork
Friends (1994) - 10x11
The One Where The Stripper Cries
Friends (1994) - 2x14
The One With The Prom Video
Game of Thrones - 3x9
The Rains of Castamere
Grey's Anatomy - 6x23
Grey's Anatomy - 5x24
Now or Never
Grey's Anatomy - 10x24
Fear (Of the Unknown)
How to Get Away with Murder - 1x9
Kill Me, Kill Me, Kill Me
How to Get Away with Murder - 1x4
Let's Get to Scooping
How to Get Away with Murder - 1x15
It’s All My Fault
My Mad Fat Diary - 2x7
Orange is the New Black - 4x12
The Animals
The Good Wife - 2x4
Cleaning House
The Handmaid's Tale - 1x10
The Haunting - 1x10
Silence Lay Steadily
The O.C. - 4x16
The End's Not Near, It's Here
The Sinner - 1x1
Part I
The Walking Dead - 4x8
Too Far Gone
This Is Us - 1x1
True Detective - 1x8
Form and Void
When They See Us - 1x4
Part Four
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