Listas de Itamy:
1x01- Crème de la Crème
1x02- One Night Stand
1x03- Podcast Fan Boy
1x04- And The Oscar Goes To
1x05- Guilty Pleasure
1x06- Gone Too Soon
1x07- Someday
1x08- With a Little Help From My Friends
1x09- Endless Forms Most Beautiful
2x01- I Bet You Thought You'd Seen The Last Of Me
2x02- Toy Story
2x03- A Hundred Million Suns
2x04- What Is and What Should Never Be
2x05- Time After Time
2x06- I Don't Have Much Time
2x07- I Let You Go
2x08- The End of All Things
3x01- Brand New Day
3x02- Toy Story II
3x03- I Am Also a We
3x04- Charming, Pawnnee, Tree Hill and Litchfield
3x05- The Handmaid's Affair Begins in the Bates Motel
3x06- Christine Friday and the Six Americans
3x07- Desperate House of the Good Psych Wife
3x08- Stuck in the Middle With You
4x01- Ten Years After
4x02- Twenty One Pilots
4x03- Thirty Seconds To Mars
4x04- Forty Foot Echo
4x05- 50 Cent
4x06 -Sixty Miles
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1x09- Endless Forms Most Beautiful (109)

Os melhores finais de temporadas considerados com nota 10 de séries ativas, geladeira e finalizadas, com exceção de séries abandonadas Não terminei de adicionar.
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12 Monkeys - 3x10
12 Monkeys - 2x13
Memory of Tomorrow
A Series of Unfortunate Events - 2x10
The Carnivorous Carnival: Part Two
After Life - 1x6
Episode 6
American Horror Story - 2x13
Madness Ends
American Horror Story - 1x12
Atypical - 2x10
Ernest Shackleton's Rules for Survival
Atypical - 1x8
The Silencing Properties of Snow
Banshee - 2x10
Bullets and Tears
Banshee - 1x10
A Mixture of Madness
Big Brother Brasil - 20x98
Dia #98 - Final
Big Little Lies - 1x7
You Get What You Need
Black Mirror - 4x6
Black Museum
Black Mirror - 3x6
Hated in the Nation
Breaking Bad - 4x13
Face Off
Breaking Bad - 3x13
Full Measure
Breaking Bad - 2x13
Breaking Bad - 1x7
Brooklyn Nine-Nine - 5x22
Jake & Amy
Brooklyn Nine-Nine - 4x22
Crime & Punishment
Brooklyn Nine-Nine - 3x23
Greg and Larry
Brooklyn Nine-Nine - 2x23
Johnny and Dora
Chuck - 2x22
Chuck Versus the Ring (1)
Chuck - 1x13
Chuck Versus the Marlin
Dark - 2x8
Endings and Beginnings
Dark - 1x10
Alpha and Omega
Doctor Who (2005) - 6x13
The Wedding of River Song
Doctor Who (2005) - 5x13
The Big Bang (2)
Doctor Who (2005) - 4x13
Journey's End (2)
Doctor Who (2005) - 3x13
Last of the Time Lords (3)
Doctor Who (2005) - 2x13
Doomsday (2)
Doctor Who (2005) - 1x13
The Parting of the Ways (2)
Doctor Who (2005) - 10x12
The Doctor Falls
Doctor Who (2005) - 8x12
Death In Heaven
Doctor Who (2005) - 7x14
The Name of the Doctor
Final Space - 2x13
The Sixth Key
Final Space - 1x10
Chapter Ten
Fringe - 3x22
The Day We Died
Fringe - 2x23
Over There, Part 2
Fringe - 1x20
There's More Than One of Everything
Grey's Anatomy - 8x24
Grey's Anatomy - 7x22
Unaccompanied Minor
Grey's Anatomy - 6x24
Death and All His Friends
Grey's Anatomy - 5x24
Now or Never
Grey's Anatomy - 4x17
Freedom (2)
Grey's Anatomy - 3x25
Didn't We Almost Have It All?
Grey's Anatomy - 12x24
Family Affair
Grey's Anatomy - 2x27
Losing My Religion (2)
Grey's Anatomy - 10x24
Fear (Of the Unknown)
Grey's Anatomy - 9x24
Perfect Storm
Kidding - 2x10
The Puppet Dalai Lama
La Casa de Papel (Netflix) - 3x8
La Deriva
La Casa de Papel (Netflix) - 2x9
Episodio 9
Lucifer - 3x24
A Devil of My Word
Lucifer - 2x18
The Good, the Bad and the Crispy
Lucifer - 1x13
Take Me Back to Hell
Lucifer - 4x10
Who's da New King of Hell?
Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. - 4x22
World's End
Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. - 3x22
Ascension (2)
Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. - 2x22
S.O.S. (2)
Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. - 1x22
Beginning of the End
Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. - 6x13
New Life
Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. - 5x22
The End
Marvel's Daredevil - 1x13
Mindhunter - 1x10
Episode 10
My Mad Fat Diary - 2x7
My Mad Fat Diary - 1x6
It's a Wonderful Rae (2)
One Day at a Time (2017) - 3x13
One Day at a Time (2017) - 2x13
Not Yet
One Day at a Time (2017) - 1x13
Penny Dreadful - 2x10
And They Were Enemies
Pose - 1x8
Mother of The Year
Rick and Morty - 2x10
The Wedding Squanchers
Sense8 - 2x11
You Want a War?
Sense8 - 1x12
I Can't Leave Her
Shingeki no Kyojin - 2x12
Shingeki no Kyojin - 1x25
Wall: Assault on Stohess, Part 3
Stranger Things - 3x8
Chapter Eight: The Battle of Starcourt
Stranger Things - 2x9
Chapter Nine: The Gate
Stranger Things - 1x8
Chapter Eight: The Upside Down
Succession - 2x10
This Is Not for Tears
Succession - 1x10
Nobody Is Ever Missing
Supernatural - 12x23
All Along the Watchtower
Supernatural - 2x22
All Hell Breaks Loose (2)
Supernatural - 10x23
Brother's Keeper
Supernatural - 1x22
Devil's Trap
Supernatural - 9x23
Do You Believe in Miracles?
Supernatural - 8x23
Supernatural - 6x22
The Man Who Knew Too Much
Supernatural - 5x22
Swan Song
Supernatural - 4x22
Lucifer Rising
Supernatural - 14x20
Supernatural - 3x16
No Rest For the Wicked
The 100 - 2x16
Blood Must Have Blood, Part 2
The 100 - 1x13
We Are Grounders, Part 2
The 100 - 6x13
The Blood of Sanctum
The 100 - 5x13
Damocles (2)
The 100 - 4x13
The 100 - 3x16
Perverse Instantiation (2)
The Haunting - 1x10
Silence Lay Steadily
The Hollow - 1x10
The Midnight Gospel - 1x8
Mouse of Silver
The Morning Show - 1x10
The Interview
The Umbrella Academy - 2x10
The End of Something
The Umbrella Academy - 1x10
The White Violin
This Is Us - 4x18
Strangers: Part Two
This Is Us - 2x18
The Wedding
Westworld - 2x10
The Passenger
Westworld - 1x10
The Bicameral Mind
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