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Episódios que jamais cansarei de rever
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Episódios que jamais cansarei de rever (51)

Formato Texto
Atlanta - 1x7
Breaking Bad - 5x16
Breaking Bad - 5x14
Brooklyn Nine-Nine - 4x16
Moo Moo
Brooklyn Nine-Nine - 4x5
Halloween IV
Brooklyn Nine-Nine - 3x10
Yippie Kayak
Brooklyn Nine-Nine - 3x5
Halloween III
Brooklyn Nine-Nine - 6x8
He Said, She Said
Brooklyn Nine-Nine - 5x4
Community - 1x23
Modern Warfare
Community - 1x9
Debate 109
Dexter - 4x12
The Getaway
Downton Abbey - 3x5
Episode 5
Friends (1994) - 10x17
The Last One (1)
Friends (1994) - 6x25
The One With The Proposal (2)
Friends (1994) - 5x14
The One Where Everybody Finds Out
Friends (1994) - 5x8
The One With The Thanksgiving Flashbacks
Friends (1994) - 10x18
The Last One (2)
Fringe - 5x13
An Enemy of Fate
Fringe - 4x20
Worlds Apart
Fringe - 3x22
The Day We Died
Fringe - 3x8
Fringe - 2x23
Over There, Part 2
Fringe - 2x16
Game of Thrones - 5x8
Game of Thrones - 6x9
Battle of the Bastards
House of Cards (2013) - 4x10
Chapter 49
House of Cards (2013) - 4x4
Chapter 43
House of Cards (2013) - 2x13
Chapter 26
House, M.D. - 8x22
Everybody Dies
House, M.D. - 4x15
House's Head (Part 1)
House, M.D. - 2x24
No Reason
How I Met Your Mother - 9x16
How Your Mother Met Me
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit - 17x11
Townhouse Incident
One Day at a Time (2017) - 3x1
The Funeral
Sherlock - 2x3
The Reichenbach Fall
The Americans - 6x10
The Big Bang Theory - 9x11
The Opening Night Excitation
The Good Place - 3x9
The Good Wife - 5x16
The Last Call
The Good Wife - 5x15
Dramatics, Your Honor
The Handmaid's Tale - 2x11
The Handmaid's Tale - 2x1
The Handmaid's Tale - 1x10
The Middle - 9x10
The Christmas Miracle
The Office (US) - 5x28
Company Picnic
The Office (US) - 5x25
The Office (US) - 4x13
Dinner Party
The Office (US) - 2x22
Casino Night
Veep - 5x4
Veep - 4x10
Election Night
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