Quando Volta/Estreia (160)

21/05/2022Soul Land - 13x01Ep. 13x1Tencent Video
21/05/2022Mistura Paulista - 02x01Ep. 2x1Globo
22/05/2022The Celebrity Apprentice Australia - 06x01Episode 1Nine Network
22/05/2022Hunted (UK) - 06x01Episode 1Channel 4
22/05/2022Gameboys - 02x01Episode 1Youtube
23/05/2022Silent Witness - 25x01History (1)BBC One
23/05/2022Beat Shazam - 05x01Friends, Family and Trash!Fox
23/05/2022Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045 - 02x01Episode 1Netflix
23/05/2022La Flamme - 02x01Ep. 2x1Canal+
23/05/2022Don't Forget the Lyrics (US) - 01x01I'm About to Shock the World!Fox
23/05/2022Prehistoric Planet (2022) - 01x01CoastsApple TV+
23/05/2022Welcome to Wedding Hell - 01x01Ep. 1x1KakaoTV
23/05/2022Sea of Love - 01x01TBANetflix
24/05/2022Tandem - 06x01Ep. 6x1France 3
24/05/2022Bake Off: The Professionals - 05x01Episode 1Channel 4
24/05/2022Be Mbitious - 01x01Ep. 1x1Mnet
24/05/2022Sins Of The Amish - 01x01Part 1Peacock
25/05/2022MasterChef - 12x01TBAFox
25/05/2022Somebody Feed Phil - 05x01TBANetflix
25/05/2022Expedition X - 05x01Episode 1Discovery Channel
25/05/2022Expedition Unknown - 10x01TBADiscovery Channel
25/05/2022Sixth Sense Kiss - 01x01Ep. 1x1SBS
25/05/2022All The Queens' Men - 02x01Ep. 2x1WOW Presents Plus
25/05/2022Tudo Igual… SQN - 01x01Ep. 1x1Disney+
26/05/2022Accused: Guilty or Innocent? - 03x01TBDA&E
26/05/2022Beat Bobby Flay - 30x01BBQ'd RevengeFood Network
26/05/2022Crimes Gone Viral - 03x01Reckless At The WheelInvestigation Discovery
26/05/2022PRU - 01x01Episode 1BBC Three
26/05/2022That Damn Michael Che - 02x01TBAHBO Max
27/05/2022Stranger Things - 04x01Chapter One: The Hellfire ClubNetflix
27/05/2022Carpool Karaoke: The Series - 05x01TBAApple TV+
27/05/2022Helpsters - 03x01TBAApple TV+
27/05/2022Obi-Wan Kenobi - 01x01TBADisney+
27/05/2022Dr Lawyer - 01x01Ep. 1x1MBC
28/05/2022Secret Admirer: The Series - 01x01Ep. 1x1Channel 3
29/05/2022Lyckoviken - 04x01Ep. 4x1Viaplay
30/05/2022Cara e Coragem - 01x01Ep. 1x1Globo
31/05/2022America's Got Talent - 17x01Auditions, Week 1NBC
31/05/2022Lego Masters (US) - 03x01TBAFox
31/05/2022Pistol - 01x01Track 1: The Cloak of InvisibilityHulu
31/05/2022Tom Swift - 01x01…And The Liftoff To SaturnCW
31/05/2022Hope or Dope - 02x01TBASeezn
01/06/2022Control / Kontrola - 04x01Ep. 4x1Youtube
01/06/2022Insider - 01x01Episode 1jTBC
01/06/2022The Real Housewives of Dubai - 01x01TBABravo
01/06/2022Eve (2022) - 01x01Ep. 1x1tvN
02/06/2022The Orville - 03x01Electric SheepHulu
02/06/2022The Croods: Family Tree - 03x01TBAHulu
03/06/2022The Boys - 03x01PaybackPrime Video
03/06/2022P-Valley - 02x01PussylandStarz
03/06/2022Floor Is Lava - 02x01TBANetflix
03/06/2022Physical - 02x01TBAApple TV+
03/06/2022Why Her? - 01x01Ep. 1x1SBS
03/06/2022Ultra Violet & Black Scorpion - 01x01PilotDisney Channel
03/06/2022Trixie Motel - 01x01Episode 1Discovery+
03/06/2022Mr. Good: Cop or Crook? - 01x01Ep. 1x1Netflix
03/06/2022Surviving Summer - 01x01Episodio 1Netflix
04/06/2022Cleaning Up (KR) - 01x01Ep. 1x1jTBC
06/06/2022American Ninja Warrior - 14x01Qualifiers 1NBC
06/06/2022Roswell, New Mexico - 04x01Steal My SunshineCW
06/06/2022In the Dark (2019) - 04x01TBACW
06/06/2022London Kills - 03x01Episode 1Acorn TV
06/06/2022The Family Chantel - 04x01Episode 1TLC
06/06/2022Irma Vep - 01x01TBDHBO
06/06/2022Link: Eat, Love, Die - 01x01Ep. 1x1tvN
06/06/2022Action Pack - 02x01Episode 1Netflix
07/06/2022All Rise - 03x01Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’OWN
07/06/2022Everything I Know About Love - 01x01TBD BBC One
08/06/2022Ms. Marvel - 01x01The Girl from PakistanDisney+
08/06/2022Skruk - 01x01Ep. 1x1Netflix
09/06/2022Queer as Folk (2022) - 01x01Steal My SunshinePeacock
09/06/2022Rio Shore - 02x01Ep. 2x1MTV
09/06/2022Rhythm + Flow France - 01x01Ep. 1x1Netflix
10/06/2022Bunk'd - 06x01Episode 1Disney Channel
10/06/2022For All Mankind - 03x01PolarisApple TV+
10/06/2022First Kill - 01x01TBANetflix
10/06/2022Puppy Dog Pals - 06x01Puppy-Ki-Yay!Disney Junior
10/06/2022Yumi's Cells - 02x01Ep. 2x1tvN
10/06/2022Fairfax - 02x01TBAPrime Video
10/06/2022Love In Paradise: The Caribbean - 02x01Episode 1Discovery+
10/06/2022Intimidad - 01x01Ep. 1x1Netflix
11/06/2022Check Out Series - 01x01Ep. 1x1Youtube
12/06/2022Evil - 03x01TBAParamount+
12/06/2022Becoming Elizabeth - 01x01TBAStarz
12/06/2022Dark Winds - 01x01TBAAMC
15/06/2022Love, Victor - 03x01It's YouHulu
15/06/2022Maldivas - 01x01Ep. 1x1Netflix
15/06/2022The Bachelorette (GE) - 09x01Ep. 9x1RTL
15/06/2022The Jinx’s Lover - 01x01Ep. 1x1SBS
15/06/2022God's Favorite Idiot - 01x01TBANetflix
15/06/2022Iron Chef: Quest for an Iron Legend - 01x01TBANetflix
15/06/2022Siempre Fui Yo - 01x01Ep. 1x1Disney+
16/06/2022The Old Man - 01x01IFX
16/06/2022Rutherford Falls - 02x01White Man in the CupboardPeacock
16/06/2022Love & Anarchy - 02x01Ep. 2x1Netflix
16/06/2022Players - 01x01TBAParamount+
16/06/2022Dead End: Paranormal Park - 01x01TBANetflix
17/06/2022She (2020) - 02x01TBANetflix
17/06/2022Home - 02x01France: Hourré HouseApple TV+
17/06/2022The Summer I Turned Pretty - 01x01TBAPrime Video
18/06/2022Return - 01x01Ep. 1x1tvN
18/06/2022Spriggan - 01x01Episode 1Netflix
19/06/2022Animal Kingdom (2016) - 06x011992TNT
19/06/2022Flatbush Misdemeanors - 02x01tbaShowtime
21/06/2022Motherland: Fort Salem - 03x01Homo CantusFreeform
22/06/2022The Umbrella Academy - 03x01Meet the FamilyNetflix
22/06/2022The Youngest Son of a Conglomerate - 01x01Ep. 1x1jTBC
23/06/2022Southern Charm - 08x01TBABravo
23/06/2022The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip - 02x01TBAPeacock
23/06/2022Manayek - 02x01Ep. 2x1KAN 11
23/06/2022The Bear - 01x01PilotFX
23/06/2022No Demo Reno - 02x01Episode 1HGTV
23/06/2022El Refugio - 01x01Ep. 1x1StarzPlay
24/06/2022La Casa de Papel: Korea - Joint Economic Area - 01x01TBANetflix
24/06/2022Loot - 01x01TBDApple TV+
24/06/2022Man vs Bee - 01x01TBANetflix
26/06/2022Westworld - 04x01TBAHBO
26/06/2022The Chi - 05x01TBAShowtime
26/06/2022Lost Man Found - 01x01Ep. 1x1Disney+
27/06/2022Minamdang: Case Note - 01x01TBAKBS2
28/06/2022Only Murders in the Building - 02x01Persons of InterestHulu
29/06/2022God Shave The Queens - 02x01TBABBC Three
29/06/2022Baymax! - 01x01Episode 1Disney+
29/06/2022The Upshaws - 02x01TBANetflix
30/06/2022Bastard!! -Heavy Metal, Dark Fantasy- - 01x01Episode 1Netflix
01/07/2022Kung Fu Panda: The Paws of Destiny - 02x01TBAPrime Video
01/07/2022The Terminal List - 01x01TBAPrime Video
02/07/2022Rent-a-Girlfriend - 02x01Episode 1MBS
03/07/2022Engage Kiss - 01x01Episode 1Tokyo MX
05/07/2022Vermeil in Gold: A Desperate Magician Barges Into the Magical World Alongside the Strongest Calamity - 01x01Episode 1Tokyo MX
06/07/2022Hataraku Maou-sama! - 02x01Episode 1Tokyo MX
06/07/2022Control Z - 03x01Episode 1Netflix
06/07/2022Maggie - 01x01Things Begin Where They EndHulu
06/07/2022King of Stonks - 01x01Episode 1Netflix
07/07/2022Press Your Luck (2019) - 04x01TBAABC
07/07/2022Moonhaven - 01x01TBAAMC+
07/07/2022The Yakuza's Guide to Babysitting - 01x01Episode 1Tokyo MX
08/07/2022Boo, Bitch - 01x01TBANetflix
08/07/2022Black Bird - 01x01TBDApple TV+
08/07/2022Shine On! Bakumatsu Boys - 01x01Episode 1AT-X
09/07/2022Flowers in the Attic: The Origin - 01x01Part 1Lifetime
10/07/2022Celebrity Family Feud - 09x01TBAABC
10/07/2022City on a Hill - 03x01TBAShowtime
10/07/2022Bridge and Tunnel - 02x01Back Together AgainEPIX
10/07/2022Tokyo Mew Mew New - 01x01Episode 1TV Aichi
11/07/2022The Bachelorette - 19x01Episode 1ABC
11/07/2022Chad - 02x01TBATBS
11/07/2022Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem - 02x01Episode 1Peacock
12/07/2022What We Do in the Shadows - 04x01TBAFX
13/07/2022Sintonia - 03x01Episódio 1Netflix
13/07/2022Solar Opposites - 03x01The Extremity TriangulatorHulu
13/07/2022Everything's Trash - 01x01TBAFreeform
14/07/2022Resident Evil - 01x01Welcome to New Raccoon CityNetflix
17/07/2022Blood & Treasure - 02x01The Soul of Genghis KhanParamount+
18/07/2022Coffee Melody - 01x01Ep. 1x1Channel 3
20/07/2022Grown-ish - 05x01This Is What You Came ForFreeform
20/07/2022Virgin River - 04x01TBANetflix
21/07/2022Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous - 05x01TBANetflix
21/07/2022American Horror Stories - 02x01DollhouseHulu
22/07/2022Trying - 03x01TBAApple TV+

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