Quando Volta/Estreia (154)

Data Serie Titulo Episodio Canal Onde Ver Pais
2024061212/06/2024My Next Guest Needs No Introduction With David Letterman - 05x01Charles BarkleyNetflix US
2024061212/06/2024Presumed Innocent - 01x01Bases LoadedApple TV+ US
2024061212/06/2024LE SSERAFIM: Leniverse - 04x01EP.41YoutubeCS
2024061212/06/2024King of Collectibles: The Goldin Touch - 02x01Catch of a LifetimeNetflix US
2024061212/06/2024My Sweet Mobster - 01x01Ep. 1x1jTBC CS
2024061313/06/2024Alone - 11x01Enter the CircleHistory US
2024061313/06/2024The Boys - 04x01Department of Dirty TricksPrime Video US
2024061313/06/2024O Jogo que Mudou a História - 01x01Ep. 1x1GloboPlay BR
2024061313/06/2024Doctor Climax - 01x01Ep. 1x1Netflix THA
2024061414/06/2024Hoffman Family Gold - 03x01Richer by the OunceDiscovery+ US
2024061414/06/2024Nightmares and Daydreams - 01x01Old HouseNetflix IDN
2024061515/06/2024Casualty - 41x01Sinking Ships - Day 1BBC OneUK
2024061515/06/2024Follow Your Heart - 01x01Episode 1iQiyiCHN
2024061515/06/2024SunsetxVibes - 01x01Ep. 1x1YoutubeTHA
2024061515/06/202424 Hours of Le Mans - 2024x01RacewebFR
2024061515/06/2024Miss Night and Day - 01x01Ep. 1x1jTBC CS
2024061515/06/2024Happy Ending (TH) - 01x01Episode 1YoutubeTHA
2024061616/06/2024House of the Dragon - 02x01A Son for a SonHBO US
2024061616/06/2024D.I. Ray - 02x01Wrong PlaceITVUK
2024061616/06/2024Hotel Cocaine - 01x01TBAMGM+US
2024061616/06/2024Ladies in Black - 01x01Beautiful DreamABC TVAU
2024061717/06/2024De Frente com Blogueirinha - 03x01TBADiaTV BR
2024061717/06/2024A Rainha da Pérsia - 01x01Ep. 1x1Record BR
2024061717/06/2024Addicted Heroin - 01x01Ep. 1x1WeTVTHA
2024061818/06/2024Peacock - 02x01Episode 1BBC ThreeUK
2024061818/06/2024Agents of Mystery - 01x01Ep. 1x1Netflix CS
2024061919/06/2024Casamento às Cegas: Brasil - 04x01Ep. 4x1Netflix BR
2024062020/06/2024Hart to Heart - 04x01Episode 1PeacockUS
2024062020/06/2024Kota Factory - 03x01Ep. 3x1TVFPlay IN
2024062020/06/2024Drag Race México - 02x01Ep. 2x1WOW Presents Plus MX
2024062020/06/2024America’s Sweethearts: Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders - 01x01TBANetflix US
2024062121/06/2024The Victims' Game - 02x01Ep. 2x1Netflix TW
2024062121/06/2024His Man - 03x01Ep. 3x1Wavve CS
2024062121/06/2024Clanes - 01x01Ep. 1x1Netflix ESP
2024062222/06/2024Perfect Family - 01x01Ep. 1x1OTTCS
2024062222/06/2024Rising Impact - 01x01TBA Summer 2024Netflix JP
2024062222/06/2024DNA Lover - 01x01Ep. 1x1CSTVCS
2024062424/06/2024Make Some Noise - 03x01TBADropout TVUS
2024062424/06/2024The Secret of Us - 01x01Ep. 1x1GMM OneTHA
2024062424/06/2024Your Honor (KR) - 01x01Episode 1ENACS
2024062525/06/2024Graveyard Carz - 19x01Episode 1VelocityUS
2024062525/06/2024Stardust Telepath (2024) - 01x01Ep. 1x1TV TokyoJP
2024062525/06/2024Kaulitz & Kaulitz - 01x01Ep. 1x1Netflix GE
2024062626/06/2024The Great Food Truck Race - 17x01Games on the Gulf: Let the Games BeginFood Network US
2024062626/06/2024Worst Roommate Ever - 02x01Episode 1Netflix US
2024062626/06/2024Tierra de Mujeres - 01x01TBAApple TV+ US
2024062626/06/2024The Rebound - 01x01Ep. 1x1ViuTVTHA
2024062626/06/2024The Real CSI: Miami - 01x01Episode 1CBSUS
2024062727/06/2024That '90s Show - 02x01TBANetflix US
2024062727/06/2024The Bear - 03x01TBAHulu US
2024062727/06/2024My Lady Jane - 01x01TBD Prime Video US
2024062727/06/2024Disney Junior's Ariel - 01x01Episode 1Disney JuniorUS
2024062727/06/2024Supacell - 01x01TBANetflix UK
2024062828/06/2024The Mole (NL) - 26x01Ep. 26x1AVROTROSNW
2024062828/06/2024The Mole (2022) - 02x01Episode 1Netflix US
2024062828/06/2024ZOMBIES: The Re-Animated Series - 01x01Re-Senior YearDisney ChannelUS
2024062828/06/2024The Whirlwind - 01x01Ep. 1x1Netflix CS
2024062828/06/2024Owning Manhattan - 01x01TBANetflix US
2024062828/06/2024Family Empire: Houston - 01x01TBAOWNUS
2024062828/06/2024WondLa - 01x01TBAApple TV+ US
2024070101/07/2024Star Trek: Prodigy - 02x01Into the Breach (1)Netflix US
2024070101/07/2024A Good Girl’s Guide To Murder - 01x01TBABBC ThreeUK
2024070101/07/2024Morangos com Açúcar (2023) - 03x01Ep. 3x1Prime Video PT
2024070101/07/2024Takara's Treasure - 01x01Episode 1TV AsahiJP
2024070303/07/2024A Will Eternal - 03x01Ep. 3x1Tencent VideoCHN
2024070303/07/2024Oshi no Ko - 02x01Ep. 2x1Tokyo MXJP
2024070303/07/2024Alya Sometimes Hides Her Feelings in Russian - 01x01Ep. 1x1MBSJP
2024070303/07/2024Red Swan - 01x01TBADisney+ CS
2024070303/07/2024The Strongest Magician in the Demon Lord's Army was a Human - 01x01Episode 1Tokyo MXJP
2024070404/07/2024The American Barbecue Showdown - 03x01Episode 1Netflix US
2024070404/07/2024Rhythm + Flow France - 03x01Ep. 3x1Netflix FR
2024070404/07/2024Days With My Stepsister - 01x01Ep. 1x1Tokyo MXJP
2024070404/07/2024Twilight Out of Focus - 01x01Episode 1Tokyo MXJP
2024070404/07/2024I Hear The Sunspot - 01x01Ep. 1x1TV TokyoJP
2024070505/07/2024The Café Terrace and Its Goddesses - 02x01Ep. 2x1MBS JP
2024070505/07/20242.5 Dimensional Seduction - 01x01Ep. 1x1Tokyo MXJP
2024070505/07/2024Pedaço de Mim - 01x01Ep. 1x1Netflix BR
2024070505/07/2024Grendizer U - 01x01Ep. 1x1Tokyo MXJP
2024070505/07/2024I Parry Everything - 01x01Ep. 1x1Tokyo MXJP
2024070505/07/2024This Love Doesn't Have Long Beans - 01x01Episode 1GMM OneTHA
2024070505/07/2024Failure Frame: I Became the Strongest and Annihilated Everything With Low-Level Spells - 01x01TBATokyo Broadcasting SystemJP
2024070606/07/2024The Elusive Samurai - 01x01Ep. 1x1Tokyo MXJP
2024070606/07/2024Quality Assurance in Another World - 01x01Ep. 1x1Tokyo Broadcasting SystemJP
2024070606/07/2024Suicide Squad ISEKAI! - 01x01Ep. 1x1NHK JP
2024070606/07/2024The Auditors - 01x01Ep. 1x1tvNCS
2024070606/07/2024Ultraman Arc - 01x01Arc to the FutureTV TokyoJP
2024070606/07/2024A Nobody's Way Up to an Exploration Hero - 01x01Ep. 1x1Tokyo MXJP
2024070707/07/2024Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest - 01x01Ep. 1x1TV TokyoJP
2024070707/07/2024Kinnikuman - 01x01Ep. 1x1TV TokyoJP
2024070707/07/2024Wistoria: Wand and Sword - 01x01Ep. 1x1AT-XJP
2024070707/07/2024How to Become Ordinary - 01x01Ep. 1x1TV AsahiJP
2024070707/07/2024My Deer Friend Nokotan - 01x01Ep. 1x1Tokyo MXJP
2024070808/07/2024The Bachelorette - 21x01Episode 1ABCUS
2024070808/07/2024All American: Homecoming - 03x01TBACW US
2024070808/07/2024BBQ Brawl: Flay vs Symon - 05x01Howdy Again, Texas!Food NetworkUS
2024070808/07/2024VTuber Legend: How I Went Viral After Forgetting to Turn Off My Stream - 01x01Ep. 1x1Tokyo MXJP
2024070909/07/2024Celebrity Family Feud - 11x01TBAABCUS
2024070909/07/2024Bobby's Triple Threat - 03x01Titans vs Marcus SamuelssonFood NetworkUS
2024070909/07/2024The Magical Girl and The Evil Lieutenant Used to Be Archenemies - 01x01TBA Summer 2024Tokyo MXJP
2024071010/07/2024Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles - 15x01tbdBravo US
2024071010/07/2024Guy's Grocery Games - 37x01All-Star Grocery Rush-a-ThonFood NetworkUS
2024071010/07/2024Sunny - 01x01TBDApple TV+ US
2024071010/07/2024Claim to Fame - 03x01TBAABCUS
2024071010/07/2024Love Between Twins is Indivisible - 01x01Ep. 1x1Tokyo MXJP
2024071010/07/2024The Boyfriend - 01x01Ep. 1x1Netflix JP
2024071111/07/2024Impractical Jokers - 11x01Episode 1TBS US
2024071111/07/2024Our Last Crusade or the Rise of a New World - 02x01Ep. 2x1AT-X JP
2024071111/07/2024The Twelve (AU) - 02x01Episode 1FoxtelAU
2024071111/07/2024Another Self - 02x01Ep. 2x1Netflix TR
2024071111/07/2024Sausage Party: Foodtopia - 01x01TBAPrime Video US
2024071111/07/2024Mastermind: To Think Like a Killer - 01x01Episode #1.1HuluUS
2024071212/07/2024The Serpent Queen - 02x01TBAStarz US
2024071212/07/2024Exploding Kittens - 01x01TBANetflix US
2024071212/07/2024Descendants: Collection - 02x01Descendants: The Rise of RedBDS Originais US
2024071212/07/2024Good Partner (2024) - 01x01TBASBS CS
2024071212/07/2024Toda Família Tem - 01x01Episode 1Prime Video BR
2024071313/07/2024Why Nobody Remember My World? - 01x01Ep. 1x1Tokyo MXJP
2024071414/07/2024Emperor of Ocean Park - 01x01TBAMGM+US
2024071414/07/2024Too Many Losing Heroines! - 01x01Ep. 1x1Tokyo MXJP
2024071515/07/2024Yamishibai: Japanese Ghost Stories - 13x01Ep. 13x1TV Tokyo JP
2024071515/07/2024Marvel's Hit-Monkey - 02x01Episode 1Hulu US
2024071616/07/2024Homicide - 02x01TBANetflix US
2024071717/07/2024Big Brother (US) - 26x01Season PremiereCBSUS
2024071717/07/2024Tarã - 01x01Episode 1Disney+ BR
2024071717/07/2024The Ark - 02x01Failed ExperimentSyfyUS
2024071717/07/2024UnPrisoned - 02x01TBAHulu US
2024071818/07/2024Cobra Kai - 06x01TBDNetflix US
2024071818/07/2024Press Your Luck (2019) - 06x01TBAABCUS
2024071818/07/2024Those About to Die - 01x01Episode 1PeacockUS
2024071919/07/2024Sweet Home - 03x01TBANetflix CS
2024071919/07/2024Lady in the Lake - 01x01Episode 1Apple TV+ US
2024071919/07/2024El Encargado - 03x01Ep. 3x1Disney+ ARG
2024071919/07/2024Betty La Fea, La Historia Continúa - 01x01Ep. 1x1Prime Video COL
2024071919/07/2024LALIGA: Más Allá Del Gol - 01x01Ep. 1x1Netflix ESP
2024072121/07/2024Snowpiercer - 04x01Snakes in the GardenAMC US
2024072323/07/2024Escolinha do Dragbox - 01x01Ep. 1x1DiaTV BR
2024072424/07/2024Impuros - 05x01Episode 1Disney+ BR
2024072424/07/2024Time Bandits - 01x01TBDApple TV+ US
2024072525/07/2024Kleo - 02x01Ep. 2x1Netflix GE
2024072525/07/2024The Decameron - 01x01TBDNetflix US
2024072626/07/2024Elite - 08x01Episode 1Netflix ESP
2024072626/07/20244 Minutes - 01x01Ep. 1x1YoutubeTHA
2024072929/07/2024Futurama - 09x01The One AmigoHulu US
2024072929/07/2024A Caverna Encantada - 01x01Episode 1SBT BR
2024073131/07/2024Las Azules - 01x01Ep. 1x1Apple TV+MX
2024080101/08/2024Batman: Caped Crusader - 01x01TBAPrime Video US
2024080101/08/2024Unstable - 02x01TBANetflix US
2024080202/08/2024The Last Time - 01x01Ep. 1x1PPTVTHA
2024080404/08/2024Acerte ou Caia - 01x01Ep. 1x1RecordBR
2024080606/08/2024Morden i Sandhamn - 10x01Ep. 10x1TV4SWE
2024080808/08/2024The Umbrella Academy - 04x01The Unbearable Tragedy of Getting What You WantNetflix US
2024080808/08/2024The Mallorca Files - 03x01TBABBC OneUK
2024080909/08/2024Tales of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - 01x01TBAParamount+US
2024081111/08/2024Industry - 03x01TBABBC Two UK

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