Quando Volta/Estreia (156)

19/06Nevertheless, - 01x01Episode 1jTBC
20/06Rick and Morty - 05x01Mort Dinner Rick AndreAdult Swim
20/06Yellowstone (2018) - 04x01AftermathParamount Network
20/06Australian Ninja Warrior - 05x01Heat 1Nine Network
20/06Evil - 02x01N is for Night TerrorsParamount+
20/06Kevin Can F*** Himself - 01x01Living the DreamAMC
20/06Baş Belasi - 01x01Ep. 1x1ATV
20/06La Muchacha Que Limpia - 01x01TBAHBO
20/06Home Invasion - 01x01Ep. 1x1Viaplay
22/06David Makes Man - 02x01Barrel of OrangesOWN
22/06Motherland: Fort Salem - 02x01Of the BloodFreeform
23/06In the Dark (2019) - 03x01Hanging by a ThreadCW
23/06Too Hot to Handle - 02x01Ep. 2x1Netflix
23/06Golden Blood - 01x01Ep. 1x1Channel 3
23/06Out of Your Mind - 01x01Episode 1MBC
23/06The Parisian Agency: Exclusive Properties - 01x01Ep. 1x1Netflix
24/06RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars: Untucked! - 03x01Episode 1Paramount+
24/06RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars - 06x01All Star Paramount Variety ShowParamount+
24/06The Good Fight - 05x01TBAParamount+
24/06Making It - 03x01One In a MillionNBC
24/06The Naked Director - 02x01TBANetflix
24/06Lexa: Mostra Esse Poder - 01x01Episode 1GloboPlay
24/06Kazara Aşk - 01x01Ep. 1x1Star TV
24/06JIVA! - 01x01Ep. 1x1Netflix
25/06Bosch - 07x01TBAPrime Video
25/06Depois, Vai-se a Ver e Nada - 02x01Ep. 2x1RTP1
25/06The A List - 02x01TBANetflix
25/06Central Park - 02x01TBAApple TV+
25/06Aynen Aynen - 06x01Ep. 6x1BluTV
25/06Sex/Life - 01x01TBANetflix
25/06Manhãs de Setembro - 01x01Ep. 1x1Prime Video
25/06The Mysterious Benedict Society - 01x01TBADisney+
25/06Ray - 01x01Hungama Hai Kyon BarpaNetflix
28/06Love Island - 07x01Episode 1ITV2
28/06Below Deck Mediterranean - 06x01Episode 1Bravo
29/06StarBeam - 04x01Ep. 4x1Netflix
29/06America's Top Dog - 02x01Ep. 2x1A&E
29/06Días de Gallos - 01x01Ep. 1x1HBO Max
29/06Light On Me - 01x01Ep. 1x1Youtube
30/06Sophie: A Murder In West Cork - 01x01Ep. 1x1Netflix
30/06Somos. - 01x01Ep. 1x1Netflix
30/06Dimension 20 - 09x01TBAYouTube
01/07Higurashi: When They Cry (2020) - 02x01Episode 1Tokyo MX
01/07Peach Boy Riverside - 01x01Episode 1Tokyo MX
01/07Scarlet Nexus - 01x01TBAFUNimation Channel
01/07Young Royals - 01x01Ep. 1x1Netflix
01/07Top Chef: Amateurs - 01x01Episode 1Bravo
01/07Generazione 56K - 01x01Ep. 1x1Netflix
02/07Dogs - 02x01Episode 1Netflix
02/07Mortel - 02x01Ep. 2x1Netflix
02/07Now We're Breaking Up - 01x01Ep. 1x1SBS
03/07My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom! - 02x01Episode 1AT-X
03/07I'm Standing On 1,000,000 Lives - 02x01Episode 1Tokyo MX
03/07Remake Our Life - 01x01Episode 1Tokyo MX
03/07She Is Also My Girlfriend - 01x01Episode 1Tokyo Broadcasting System
03/07Devil Judge - 01x01Ep. 1x1tvN
03/07The Honor Student at Magic High School - 01x01Episode 1Tokyo MX
03/07The Case Study of Vanitas - 01x01Episode 1AT-X
03/07I'm Tsushima the Cat - 01x01Episode 1MBS
04/07IDOLiSH7 - 03x01Clouds Covering the StarsTokyo MX
04/07How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom - 01x01Episode 1AT-X
04/07The Duke of Death and His Maid - 01x01Episode 1Tokyo MX
04/07The Detective is Already Dead - 01x01Episode 1Tokyo MX
04/07Re-Main - 01x01Episode 1Tokyo MX
04/07We The People - 01x01Ep. 1x1Netflix
04/07Getter Robo Arc - 01x01Ep. 1x1AT-X
04/07Kageki Shoujo!! - 01x01Episode 1AT-X
05/07Corner Gas Animated - 04x01Parachute the MessengerComedy Network
05/07You Are My Spring - 01x01Episode 1tvN
06/07I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson - 02x01TBANetflix
06/07Seirei Gensouki: Spirit Chronicles - 01x01Episode 1Tokyo MX
06/07Life Lessons of Uramichi-Oniisan - 01x01Episode 1TV Tokyo
06/07Tudo Junto - 02x01Onde nascem os escritoresYoutube
07/07Big Brother (US) - 23x01PremiereCBS
07/07Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid - 02x01Episode 1Tokyo MX
07/07Monsters At Work - 01x01Welcome to Monsters, IncorporatedDisney+
07/07Love Island (US) - 03x01Episode 1CBS
07/07Tsukimichi -Moonlit Fantasy - 01x01Episode 1Tokyo Broadcasting System
07/07Cat People - 01x01Episode 1Netflix
07/07Guerra de Vecinos - 01x01Ep. 1x1Netflix
07/07Drugstore in Another World: The Slow Life of a Cheat Pharmacist - 01x01Episode 1Tokyo MX
08/07Grown-ish - 04x01TBAFreeform
08/07Gossip Girl (2021) - 01x01TBAHBO Max
08/07Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness - 01x01TBANetflix
08/07Elize Matsunaga: Era uma Vez um Crime - 01x01Ep. 1x1Netflix
09/07Leverage - 06x01Episode 1IMDB TV
09/07Atypical - 04x01TBANetflix
09/07This Way Up - 02x01Ep. 2x1Channel 4
09/07Virgin River - 03x01Episode 1Netflix
09/07Biohackers - 02x01Ep. 2x1Netflix
09/07The Dungeon of Black Company - 01x01Episode 1AT-X
09/07T.O.T.S. - 03x01Missing MiaDisney Junior
09/07Aquatrope of White Sand - 01x01Episode 1Tokyo MX
09/07The Snoopy Show - 02x01Ep. 2x1Apple TV+
09/07The Patrick Star Show - 01x01Episode 1Nickelodeon
09/07Middlemost Post - 01x01Episode 1Nickelodeon
10/07Florida Man Murders - 02x01Alligator GodOxygen
11/07The Real Housewives of Potomac - 06x01Episode 1Bravo
11/07Animal Kingdom (2016) - 05x01TBATNT
11/07The Great Escape (2018) - 04x01Ep. 4x1tvN
11/07The White Lotus - 01x01TBAHBO
11/07Love Live! Superstar!! - 01x01Episode 1NHK
13/07Miracle Workers - 03x01Hittin' the TrailTBS
13/07Battle in 5 Seconds After Meeting - 01x01Episode 1TV Tokyo
13/07Naomi Osaka - 01x01TBANetflix
13/07Ridley Jones - 01x01Episode 1Netflix
14/07Heist (2021) - 01x01Ep. 1x1Netflix
15/07The Outpost - 04x01TBACW
15/07First Wives Club (2019) - 02x01TBABET+
15/07Never Have I Ever - 02x01… been a playaNetflix
15/07American Horror Stories - 01x01Episode 1Hulu
15/07Dr. Death - 01x01TBAPeacock
16/07Making the Cut (2020) - 02x01Episode 1Prime Video
16/07SurrealEstate - 01x01PilotSyfy
16/07Schmigadoon! - 01x01TBAApple TV+
16/07Sonny Boy - 01x01Episode 1TV Tokyo
16/07McCartney 3, 2, 1 - 01x01TBAHulu
18/07Buddy vs. Duff - 03x01TBAFood Network
18/07Power Book III : Raising Kanan - 01x01TBAStarz
21/07Turner & Hooch - 01x01 Forever and a DogDisney+
23/07What If...? - 01x01Episode 1Disney+
23/07Masters of the Universe: Revelation - 01x01The Power of GrayskullNetflix
23/07Ted Lasso - 02x01TBAApple TV+
23/07Sky Rojo - 02x01Ep. 2x1Netflix
23/07Call It What You Want - 02x01Ep. 2x1GMM One
23/07Idaten Deities in the Peaceful Generation - 01x01Episode 1Fuji TV
25/07Ilha Record - 01x01Episode 1Record
26/07Roswell, New Mexico - 03x01HandsCW
26/07Police Class - 01x01Ep. 1x1KBS2
28/07The Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse - 02x01Episode 1Disney+
28/07Chip ‘N’ Dale: Park Life - 01x01TBADisney+
29/07Transformers: War for Cybertron Trilogy - 03x01Episode 1Netflix
30/07Outer Banks - 02x01TBANetflix
30/07Centaurworld - 01x01TBANetflix
01/08The Great Jahy Will Not Be Defeated! - 01x01Episode 1TV Asahi
04/08Short Circuit: Experimental Films - 02x01TBADisney+
05/08Temptation Island Love or Leave - 02x01Ep. 2x1Videoland
06/08The L Word: Generation Q - 02x01TBHShowtime
06/08Big Brother (GE) - 09x01Ep. 9x1Sat.1
06/08Mr. Corman - 01x01TBAApple TV+
08/08UFO (2021) - 01x01TBAShowtime
09/08Reservation Dogs - 01x01TBAHulu
10/08Stargirl - 02x01Summer School: Chapter OneCW
10/08Fantasy Island (2021) - 01x01PilotFox
11/08Five Bedrooms - 02x01TBANetwork Ten
11/08The Veil - 01x01Ep. 1x1MBC
12/08Brooklyn Nine-Nine - 08x01TBANBC
12/08Slasher - 04x01Episode 1Shudder
12/08Titans - 03x01Barbara GordonHBO Max
12/08Star Trek: Lower Decks - 02x01TBAParamount+
13/08Masters of Illusion (2014) - 08x01TBACW
13/08Modern Love - 02x01TBAPrime Video
15/08Chesapeake Shores - 05x01TBAHallmark
15/08Heels - 01x01TBAStarz
16/08Bachelor in Paradise - 07x01Week 1: Season Premiere, Part 1ABC
16/08The Titan Games - 03x01TBANBC

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