Quando Volta/Estreia (167)

Data Serie Titulo Episodio Canal Onde Ver Pais
2023120707/12/2023Hilda - 03x01Chapter 1: The Train to TofotenNetflix UK
2023120707/12/2023The Parisian Agency: Exclusive Properties - 04x01Episode 1TMC FR
2023120707/12/2023Dreams of Alice - 01x01Ep. 1x1TNTRU
2023120707/12/2023Los Enviados - 02x01Ep. 2x1Paramount+ ARG
2023120707/12/2023Carl Weber’s The Black Hamptons - 02x01Picture PerfectBET+US
2023120707/12/2023Hush (2022) - 02x01FeedbackALLBLKUS
2023120707/12/2023Southern Hospitality - 02x01When Push Comes to ShovelBravoUS
2023120707/12/2023Odio il Natale - 02x01La regina del NataleNetflix IT
2023120707/12/2023My Life with the Walter Boys - 01x01Welcome to ColoradoNetflix US
2023120707/12/2023Smothered (2023) - 01x01Episode 1Sky ComedyUK
2023120707/12/2023Analog Squad - 01x01Episode 1Netflix THA
2023120707/12/2023World War II: From the Frontlines - 01x01The Master RaceNetflix UK
2023120707/12/2023Got A Crush On You - 01x01Episode 1Tencent VideoCHN
2023120707/12/2023Platform 7 - 01x01Episode 1ITVXUK
2023120808/12/2023The Great British Baking Show: Holidays - 08x01Episode 1Netflix UK
2023120909/12/2023Cherry Magic - 01x01Ep. 1x1GMM OneTHA
2023120909/12/2023Maestra - 01x01TBAtvNCS
2023121010/12/2023Vigil - 02x01Episode 1BBC OneUK
2023121010/12/2023The Hope (2023) - 01x01Ep. 1x1YoukuCHN
2023121111/12/2023Big Brother Reindeer Games - 01x01Episode 1CBSUS
2023121212/12/20231000-lb Sisters - 05x01Bringing Home the BaconTLCUS
2023121212/12/2023Under Pressure: The U.S. Women's World Cup Team - 01x01TBANetflix US
2023121313/12/2023Dubai Bling - 02x01Ep. 2x1Netflix EAU
2023121313/12/20234 Estrellas - 02x01Ep. 2x1La 1ESP
2023121313/12/2023Se Eu Fosse Luísa Sonza - 01x01Ep. 1x1Netflix BR
2023121313/12/20231670 - 01x01Ep. 1x1Netflix PO
2023121414/12/2023MasterChef Italia - 13x01Ep. 13x1Sky1IT
2023121414/12/2023The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip - 04x01Episode 1PeacockUS
2023121414/12/2023Dragons: The Nine Realms - 08x01How to Train JörmungandrHulu US
2023121414/12/2023Todos Mienten - 02x01Ep. 2x1Movistar+ ESP
2023121414/12/2023As the Crow Flies - 02x01Ep. 2x1Netflix TR
2023121414/12/2023Yu Yu Hakusho (2023) - 01x01Ep. 1x1Netflix JP
2023121414/12/2023Derailment - 01x01Ep. 1x1YoukuCHN
2023121515/12/2023Reacher - 02x01ATMPrime Video US
2023121515/12/2023Death's Game - 01x01TBATVingCS
2023121515/12/2023Carol & The End of The World - 01x01TBANetflix US
2023121616/12/2023Tira - 01x01Ep. 1x1Disney+ HotstarIDN
2023121616/12/2023Night Dream - 01x01Ep. 1x1YoutubeTHA
2023121717/12/2023Vestidas de Azul - 01x01Ep. 1x1ATRES PremiumESP
2023121919/12/2023Single's Inferno - 03x01Ep. 3x1jTBC CS
2023121919/12/2023Festivali i Këngës - 62x01Ep. 62x1RTSHALB
2023122020/12/2023Família Record - 07x01Ep. 7x1Record BR
2023122020/12/2023Percy Jackson and the Olympians - 01x01I Accidentally Vaporize My Pre-Algebra TeacherDisney+ US
2023122020/12/2023Vicky e a Musa - 02x01Ep. 2x1GloboPlay BR
2023122020/12/2023Like Flowers in Sand - 01x01TBAENA CS
2023122020/12/2023BTS Monuments: Beyond The Star - 01x01Ep. 1x1Disney+CS
2023122020/12/2023Dragons of Wonderhatch - 01x01TBADisney+JP
2023122020/12/2023Cindy la Regia: La serie - 01x01Ep. 1x1Netflix MX
2023122121/12/2023Dr. Death - 02x01Like MagicPeacock US
2023122121/12/2023Gigolò Per Caso - 01x01Ep. 1x1Prime VideoIT
2023122121/12/2023Arak - 01x01Ep. 1x1Show TVTR
2023122222/12/2023What If...? - 02x01What If… Nebula Joined the Nova Corps?Disney+ US
2023122222/12/2023Gyeongseong Creature - 01x01TBANetflix CS
2023122222/12/2023Breaking Italy Night - 04x01Ep. 4x1YoutubeIT
2023122323/12/2023Night Court (2023) - 02x01The Night Court Before ChristmasNBC US
2023122323/12/2023Extended Family - 01x01PilotNBCUS
2023122323/12/2023Dead Friend Forever - DFF - 01x01Ep. 1x1One 31THA
2023122424/12/2023El Niñero - 01x01Ep. 1x1Netflix MX
2023122525/12/2023Letterkenny - 12x01TBACraveCA
2023122525/12/2023The Madame Blanc Mysteries - 03x01Episode 1Channel 5UK
2023122626/12/2023Bump - 04x01Episode 1Stan AU
2023122626/12/2023Between Him and Her - 01x01Ep. 1x1Channel A CS
2023122828/12/2023Pokémon Concierge - 01x01TBANetflix JP
2023122929/12/2023Would I Lie to You? - 17x01Alex Jones, Chris McCausland, Su Pollard, Rav WildingBBC OneUK
2023122929/12/2023Berlín - 01x01TBANetflix MX
2023123030/12/2023The Masked Singer (UK) - 05x01Episode 1ITVUK
2023123030/12/2023My Happy End - 01x01TBACSTV CS
2024010101/01/2024Celebrity IOU - 07x01Everyone Loves a Ray Romano RenovationHGTV US
2024010101/01/2024The Tourist - 02x01Episode 1BBC OneUK
2024010101/01/2024Professor T (2021) - 03x01Heir to the ThroneBritBox UK
2024010101/01/2024Fool Me Once - 01x01TBD Netflix UK
2024010101/01/2024Big Mood - 01x01TBD Channel 4UK
2024010101/01/2024Marry My Husband - 01x01TBAtvNCS
2024010101/01/2024America's Got Talent: Fantasy League - 01x01TBANBCUS
2024010202/01/2024Waterloo Road - 13x01Episode 1BBC OneUK
2024010202/01/2024American Masters - 38x01HOPPER: An American Love StoryPBSUS
2024010202/01/2024Finding Your Roots with Henry Louis Gates, Jr. - 10x01Born to SingPBSUS
2024010202/01/2024Love Song For Illusion - 01x01TBAKBS2CS
2024010303/01/2024Classroom of the Elite - 03x01TBATokyo MX JP
2024010303/01/2024Blutige Anfänger - 05x01Ep. 5x1ZDFGE
2024010303/01/2024I Can See Your Voice (US) - 03x01TBAFoxUS
2024010303/01/2024The Traitors (UK) - 02x01Episode 1BBC OneUK
2024010303/01/2024Ishura - 01x01TBATV TokyoJP
2024010303/01/2024We Are Family - 01x01TBAFoxUS
2024010404/01/2024Falando de Nada - 04x01Ep. 4x1YoutubeBR
2024010404/01/2024Slave of the Magic Capital's Elite Troops - 01x01Episode 1Tokyo MXJP
2024010404/01/2024The Brothers Sun - 01x01TBANetflix US
2024010404/01/2024Sanctuary: A Witch’s Tale - 01x01Episode 1SundanceUS
2024010505/01/2024RuPaul's Drag Race - 16x01Episode 1MTV US
2024010505/01/2024Father Brown (2013) - 11x01The Kembleston OlimpicksBBC One UK
2024010505/01/2024RuPaul's Drag Race: Untucked! - 15x01Episode 1MTV US
2024010505/01/2024Sasaki and Peeps - 01x01Ep. 1x1Tokyo MXJP
2024010505/01/2024LOL: Qui Rira Le Dernier? - 02x01Ep. 2x1Prime Video CA
2024010606/01/2024Caldeirão com Mion - 04x01Ep. 4x1Globo BR
2024010606/01/2024Tales of Wedding Rings - 01x01Ep. 1x1Tokyo MXJP
2024010606/01/2024The Way of Pon - 01x01Ep. 1x1Tokyo MXJP
2024010606/01/2024A Sign of Affection - 01x01Ep. 1x1MBSJP
2024010707/01/2024Worst Cooks in America - 27x01Spoiled Rotten: Spoon FedFood Network US
2024010707/01/2024The Great North - 04x01TBAFox US
2024010707/01/2024Miss Scarlet and The Duke - 04x01Episode 1AlibiUK
2024010707/01/2024Big Brother Célébrités - 04x01Ep. 4x1NoovoCA
2024010707/01/2024Grimsburg - 01x01TBAFoxUS
2024010909/01/2024Geordie Shore - 24x01Episode 1MTV UK
2024010909/01/2024La Brea - 03x01SierraNBC US
2024010909/01/2024Level 99 Villainous Daughter - 01x01Ep. 1x1AT-XJP
2024011010/01/2024Echo - 01x01TBADisney+ US
2024011010/01/2024Wild Cards - 01x01TBACBCCA
2024011111/01/2024Variety Studio: Actors on Actors - 20x01Ep. 20x1PBSUS
2024011111/01/2024Doc - Nelle Tue Mani - 03x01Ep. 3x1RAI 1 IT
2024011111/01/2024Sonic Prime - 03x01TBANetflix US
2024011111/01/2024Ted - 01x01Just Say YesPeacockUS
2024011111/01/2024Sengoku Youko - 01x01Ep. 1x1Tokyo MXJP
2024011111/01/2024Boy Swallows Universe - 01x01TBDNetflix AU
2024011212/01/2024Taskmaster (SE) - 08x01Ep. 8x1SVTSWE
2024011212/01/2024Criminal Record - 01x01TBAApple TV+ UK
2024011212/01/2024The Weakest Tamer Began a Journey to Pick Up Trash - 01x01Ep. 1x1Tokyo MXJP
2024011212/01/2024I Delitti del BarLume - 11x01Ep. 11x1Sky CinemaIT
2024011212/01/2024Flowers that Bloom at Night - 01x01Episode 1MBCCS
2024011313/01/2024Bucchigiri?! - 01x01Ep. 1x1TV TokyoJP
2024011414/01/2024True Detective - 04x01TBAHBO US
2024011414/01/2024The Voice (FR-CA) - 10x01Ep. 10x1TVACA
2024011414/01/2024The Fire Hunter - 02x01Ep. 2x1WOWOW JP
2024011414/01/2024Drag Race España: All Stars - 01x01TBAATRES Premium ESP
2024011414/01/2024Monsieur Spade - 01x01TBDCanal+FR
2024011414/01/2024Belgravia: The Next Chapter - 01x01TBAMGM+UK
2024011616/01/2024Death and Other Details - 01x01TBAHuluUS
2024011717/01/2024Chicago Fire - 12x01TBANBC US
2024011717/01/2024Chicago PD - 11x01TBANBC US
2024011717/01/2024Chicago Med - 09x01TBANBC US
2024011818/01/2024Law & Order - 23x01TBANBC US
2024011818/01/2024Law & Order: Special Victims Unit - 25x01TBANBC US
2024011818/01/2024Skam (IT) - 06x01Ep. 6x1NetflixIT
2024011818/01/2024Law & Order: Organized Crime - 04x01TBANBC US
2024011818/01/2024Drag Den with Manila Luzon - 02x01Ep. 2x1Prime Video PH
2024011919/01/2024Hazbin Hotel - 01x01Episode 1Prime Video US
2024011919/01/2024Ao Haru Ride (2023) - 02x01Ep. 2x1WOWOWJP
2024011919/01/2024Dance Life - 01x01Episode 1Prime VideoAU
2024012020/01/2024Sejak: Charmed Deceit - 01x01Ep. 1x1tvNCS
2024012121/01/2024Blue Exorcist - 03x01Ep. 3x1MBS JP
2024012121/01/2024The Way Home - 02x01TBAHallmarkUS
2024012222/01/2024Renascer (2024) - 01x01Ep. 1x1Globo BR
2024012424/01/2024Queer Eye - 08x01TBANetflix US
2024012424/01/2024A Real Bug's Life - 01x01The Big CityDisney+ US
2024012424/01/2024Masters of the Universe: Revolution - 01x01TBANetflix US
2024012525/01/2024Griselda - 01x01TBANetflix US
2024012525/01/2024Sexy Beast - 01x01MoreParamount+ UK
2024012525/01/2024Zorro - 01x01Ep. 1x1Prime Video ESP
2024012626/01/2024Masters of the Air - 01x01Nod to the BrotherhoodApple TV+ US
2024012626/01/2024Expats - 01x01TBAPrime VideoUS
2024012626/01/2024Flex x Cop - 01x01TBASBS CS
2024012727/01/2024Doctor Slump - 01x01TBAjTBCCS
2024013030/01/2024Benidorm Fest - 2024x01Ep. 2024x1RTVEESP
2024013131/01/2024Feud - 02x01PilotFX US
2024013131/01/2024The Great Fixer - 01x01TBAjTBCCS
2024020101/02/2024Genius (2017) - 04x01Episode 1National Geographic US
2024020101/02/2024Farmer Wants A Wife (2023) - 02x01TBAFoxUS
2024020101/02/2024The Killer's Shopping Mall - 01x01Ep. 1x1Disney+CS
2024020101/02/2024Chief Inspector: The Beginning - 01x01Ep. 1x1MBCCS
2024020202/02/2024Mr. & Mrs. Smith (2024) - 01x01TBAPrime Video US
2024020202/02/2024Anti Reset - 01x01Ep. 1x1TTVTW
2024020303/02/2024Melodifestivalen - 2024x01Ep. 2024x1SVTSWE
2024020505/02/2024Below Deck - 11x01Episode 1Bravo US
2024020505/02/2024Crims (2020) - 05x01Who killed Evi (part 1)TV3 ESP
2024020606/02/2024Festival di Sanremo - 74x01Ep. 74x1RAI 1IT
2024020707/02/2024The Conners - 06x01TBAABCUS
2024020707/02/2024Abbott Elementary - 03x01TBAABC US
2024020707/02/2024Not Dead Yet - 02x01TBAABC US

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