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Episódios de hoje (88) Formato Texto

Le meilleur pâtissier - 9x1

Ep. 9x1

Destiny Is Your Home - 2x1

Ep. 2x1

IZ*ONE Chu - 4x2

Episode 2

The Masked Singer (US) - 4x2

The Group B Premiere - Six More Masks

I Can See Your Voice (US) - 1x2

Episode 2: Jordin Sparks, Niecy Nash, Jay Pharoah, Cheryl Hines, Adrienne Houghton

The Daily Show - 26x3

September 30, 2020

Temptation Island (IT) - 9x3

Ep. 9x3

O Atentado - 1x3

Ep. 1x3

Critical Incident - 2x3

Episode 3

Stray Kids: Heart Kids Room - 1x4

EP. 4

Archer (2009) - 11x4

Robot Factory

Nadiya Bakes - 1x4

Baking with Chocolate

Love By Chance - 2x5

Episode 5

Two Weeks to Live - 1x5

Episode 5

My Name Is Angel - 2x5

Ep. 2x5

Strike the Blood - 4x5

Strike the Blood IV - Episode 5

Strike the Blood - 4x6

Strike the Blood IV - Episode 6

Jimmy Kimmel Live! - 19x6

Julie Bowen, My Morning Jacket

The Only Way Is Essex - 26x6

Episode 6

Super Dragon Ball Heroes - 3x7

Fear of Rampage! The Evil's Aura Returns!

Falsa Identidad - 2x7

Ep. 2x7

Cursed in Love - 1x8

Episode 8

The Ellen DeGeneres Show - 18x8

Jason Sudeikis, “America’s Got Talent” Winner Brandon Leake, Viral Kid Baker Cade Hagedorn

Super Dragon Ball Heroes - 3x8

Fear of Rampage! The Evil's Aura Returns!

The Kelly Clarkson Show - 2x8

Beth Behrs, Jack Quaid

Marrying Millions - 2x9

Love On the Rocks

Tyler Perry's Assisted Living - 1x9

The Monster

Tyler Perry's Assisted Living - 1x10

Dark Chocolate

Trap (2020) - 1x12

Episode 12

First Romance - 1x12

Ep. 1x12

You Knock On My Door - 1x12

Ep. 1x12

Married at First Sight - 11x12

One Month Down and a Quarantine to Go

Gibiate - 1x12

A Life's End

Ridiculousness - 18x12

Chanel and Sterling CCXIV

The Drew Barrymore Show - 1x13

September 20, 2020

Re:Zero - 2x13

Episode 13

Good Mythical Morning - 18x13


Twenty-Twenty - 1x14

Ep. 1x14

The 100 - 7x16

The Last War

Dating in the Kitchen - 1x17

Episode 17

Dating in the Kitchen - 1x18

Episode 18

A Man in a Veil - 1x18

Ep. 1x18

Emanet - 1x18

18. Bölüm

Unlucky Ploy - 1x19

Episode 19

When I Was the Most Beautiful - 1x23

Episode 23

A Fazenda - 12x23

Episódio 23

The Block - 16x23

Kitchens Walk Arounds

Big Brother (US) - 22x24

Episode 24

Amore - 1x24

Episode 8 (3/3)

When I Was the Most Beautiful - 1x24

Episode 24

Full Frontal With Samantha Bee - 5x25

September 30, 2020

Fai Sin Chua - 1x25

Episode 25

Curta do Dia - 1x33


La Mexicana y el Güerro - 1x33

Ep. 1x33

Yeri’s Room - 1x34

Ep. 1x34

Love Island (US) - 2x34

Episode 34

NerdOffice - 11x39


To Dear Myself - 1x41

Episode 41

To Dear Myself - 1x42

Episode 42

All Elite Wrestling - 2x42

Wednesday Night Dynamite (051)

WWE NXT - 14x43


Peppa Pig - 6x47

Ice Cream

Modus Operandi - 1x49


Ahiru no Sora - 1x50


SJ Returns - 4x53

Episode 53

Love and Redemption - 1x58

Ep. 1x58

My Wonderful Life (2020) - 1x66

Ep. 1x66

Brilliant Heritage - 1x115

Episode 115

Exatlón United States - 4x134

Ep. 4x134

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon - 7x148

BTS, Chris Colfer

The Ladies' Paradise - 4x153

Ep. 4x153

Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen - 17x155

Stacey Abrams & Ilana Glazer

O Assunto - 2020x198

O Assunto #286:
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