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Episódios de hoje (117) Formato Texto

Sacred Lies - 2x1


Spectros - 1x1

Episode 1

Fritada - 4x1

Alê Oliveira

Spectros - 1x2

Ep. 1x2

Hunted (UK) - 5x2

Episode 2

Katy Keene - 1x3

Chapter Three: What Becomes of the Brokenhearted

Indebted - 1x3

Everybody's Talking About the Mental Load

Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars - 14x3

Hip Hop Edition: Bae Watch

The Sinner - 3x3

Part III

Tommy - 1x3

Lifetime Achievement

Spectros - 1x3

Ep. 1x3

IAF-JA - 6x3


Hot Ones - 11x3

Will Ferrell

Penny on Mars - 3x4

Ep. 3x4

Spectros - 1x4

Ep. 1x4

The Dead Files - 12x4

Puppet Master

Brooklyn Nine-Nine - 7x4

The Jimmy Jab Games II

Spectros - 1x5

Ep. 1x5

Star Trek: Picard - 1x5

Stardust City Rag

The Bold Type - 4x5

Tearing Down the Donut Wall

Desus & Mero (2019) - 2x5


Outmatched - 1x5

Episode 5

Station 19 - 3x5

Into the Woods

Chasing Classic Cars - 15x5

Episode 5

Swamp People - 11x5

Bad Banana

The Dead Lands - 1x6

A Question of Identity

Love Is Blind - 1x6

Moving in Together

Spectros - 1x6

Ep. 1x6

Grown-ish - 3x6

Real Life Sh*t

Drifting Dragons - 1x7

Disaster & Edible Dragons

Nekopara - 1x7

Ep. 1x7

Very Cavallari - 3x7


Love Is Blind - 1x7

Meet the Parents

Mayday (CA) - 20x7

No Warning (Trigana Air Flight 267)

Spectros - 1x7

Ep. 1x7

The Case Files of Jeweler Richard - 1x7

Episode 7

Death in Paradise - 9x7

Death in the Salon

Everything's Gonna Be Okay - 1x7

Blue Death-Feigning Beetles

Plunderer - 1x7

It was Delicious

Infinite Dendrogram - 1x7

Episode 7

The Detectives (2018) - 3x7

The Cottage Country Killer

Show by Rock!! Mashumairesh!! - 1x7

Ep. 1x7

De Férias com o Ex Brasil - A Treta não tira Férias - 3x7

Episódio 7

How the Universe Works - 8x8

Wrath of the Asteroids

60 Days In - 6x8

Shanks and Signals

WWE NXT UK - 3x8


Britain's Best Home Cook - 2x8

Episode 8

Love Is Blind - 1x8

Countdown to I Do's

Spectros - 1x8

Ep. 1x8

Deputy - 1x8

10-8 Selfless

My Feet are Killing Me - 1x8

Doctors Are the Worst Patients

Love Is Blind - 1x9

Bachelor & Bachelorette Parties

Fauda - 3x9

Episode 9

XX (KR) - 1x10

Episode 10

The First 48 - 19x10

Jealous Heart & The Jump

Will & Grace - 11x11

Accidentally on Porpoise

Project Runway - 18x11

Olympic Game Plan

Last Man Standing (2011) - 8x11

Baked Sale

The First 48 - 19x11

Fateful Date

Money Game - 1x12

Ep. 1x12

Ex on the Beach (US) - 4x13

Liar, Liar, Chalet on Fire

My Kitchen Rules - 11x13

Episode 13

Grey's Anatomy - 16x14

A Diagnosis

A Million Little Things - 2x14

the sleepover

Forest - 1x15

Ep. 1x15

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit - 21x15

Swimming with the Sharks

Floribama Shore - 3x16

Ta Ta's Up

Mom - 7x16

Judy Garland and a Sexy Troll Doll

Young Sheldon - 3x16


Carol's Second Act - 1x16

Carol's Crush

The Unicorn - 1x16

The Client

Forest - 1x16

Ep. 1x16

Superstore - 5x16

Employee App

The Game: Towards Zero - 1x19

Ep. 1x19

MasterChef (IT) - 9x19

Ep. 9x19

Mon Colle Knights - 2x20

Mon World No More! The Cosmic Battle

MasterChef (IT) - 9x20

Ep. 9x20

Blade of the Immortal (2019) - 1x20

Episode 20

The Game: Towards Zero - 1x20

Ep. 1x20

Porta dos Fundos - 6x22


Dr. Cutie - 1x23

Ep. 1x23

Porta dos Fundos - 6x23


Miracle Doctor - 1x23

Ep. 1x23

Impractical Jokers - 8x24

The Shame of Water

Dr. Cutie - 1x24

Ep. 1x24

Ridiculousness - 16x28


Eternal Love of Dream - 1x31

Ep. 1x31

Big Brother Brasil - 20x31

Dia #31 - 5ª Prova do Líder

Eternal Love of Dream - 1x32

Ep. 1x32

Love Island - 6x38

Episode 34

Tretas TNT - 1x53

Episódio 53

Bad Love - 1x58

Episode 58

The Ladies' Paradise - 4x89

Ep. 4x89

Critical Role - 9x96

Episode 96

PC no PC - 2020x209


Um Milkshake Chamado Wanda - 1x280

Programa 280

Nerdologia - 1x539


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