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 21 Days Theory 

 3 Will Be Free 

 A Boss and a Babe 

 A First Love Story 

 A Man Who Defies The World Of BL 

 A Shoulder to Cry On 

 Addicted (2016) 

 Alice in Borderland (2020) 

 Baker Boys 

 Be Loved in House 

 Be Mine, SuperStar 

 Be My Favorite 

 Bed Friend 

 Behind Your Touch 



 Business Proposal 

 Cherry Magic! 

 Choco Milk Shake 

 Cidade Invisível 

 Crash Landing on You 

 Cupid's Last Wish 

 Dark Blue Kiss 


 Finding You 

 Getaway (2022) 

 Golden Blood 

 He She It 

 Hello, Stranger 

 Hidden Agenda 

 How I Met Your Father 

 I Cannot Reach You 

 I Told Sunset About You 

 Jun and Jun 


 Kiss Me Again: Pete-Kao 

 Laws of Attraction 

 Life~Love on the Line 

 Light On Me 

 Like In The Movies 


 Loneliness Society 

 Love Mate 

 Love Tractor 


 Moonlight Chicken 

 Mr. Queen 

 Mr. Unlucky Has No Choice But To Kiss 

 My Dear Loser The Series - Edge of 17  

 My Love Mix-Up! 

 My Mad Fat Diary 

 My Ride: The Series 

 My School President 

 My Tee 

 Never Let Me Go (2022) 

 Not Me 

 Oh, Mando! 

 Old Fashion Cupcake 

 Only Friends 

 Ossan's Love (HK) 

 Our Dating Sim 

 Our Flag Means Death 

 Our Skyy 

 People Like Us (2016) 

 Pepsi, Where's My Jet? 

 Secret Invasion 

 Senior Secret Love: Puppy Honey 

 Sotus: The Series 

 Star and Sky: Sky in Your Heart 

 Star and Sky: Star In My Mind 

 Step by Step (2023) 

 The Director Who Buys Me Dinner 

 The Eclipse 

 The Eighth Sense 

 The New Employee 

 The Shipper 

 Theory of Love 

 To My Star 

 Todo Dia a Mesma Noite  

 Tokyo in April is... 


 Unintentional Love Story 

 Vai na Fé 

 We Best Love 

 Wedding Plan 

 Where Your Eyes Linger 

 Win Jaime's Heart 

 Xuxa, o Documentário 

 You Make Me Dance 

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