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 1% of Something 

 100 Days My Prince 

 18 Again 

 A Time Called You 

 Alchemy of Souls 

 Angel's Last Mission: Love 

 Bad and Crazy 

 Because This Is My First Life 

 Black Knight (2023) 

 Business Proposal 

 Café Minamdang 

 Call It Love 

 Castaway Diva 


 Clean With Passion For Now 


 Crash Course in Romance 

 Crash Landing on You 

 Crazy Love 

 Daily Dose Of Sunshine 

 Death's Game 

 Descendants of the Sun 

 Destined With You 

 Divorce Attorney Shin 

 Doctor Cha 

 Doctor Lawyer 

 Doctor Slump 

 Doom at Your Service 

 Forecasting Love and Weather 


 Good Doctor 

 Happiness (2021) 


 Her Private Life 

 Hi Bye, Mama! 

 Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha 

 Hospital Playlist 

 I Am Not a Robot 

 Introverted Boss 

 It's Okay to Not Be Okay 

 King the Land 

 Link: Eat, Love, Kill 

 Live Up To Your Name 

 Love in the Moonlight 

 Love to Hate You 

 Mad for Each Other 

 Marry My Husband 

 May I Help You 

 Move to Heaven  

 Mr. Queen 

 Mr. Sunshine (2018) 

 My Holo Love 

 My Love from the Star 

 My Name 

 My Sassy Girl (2017) 

 My Secret Romance 


 Oh My Venus 

 Once Upon a Small Town 

 One More Time 

 One Spring Night 

 Our Blues 

 Queen of Tears 

 Record of Youth 

 Revenge of Others 

 Romance is a Bonus Book 

 Run On 

 She Was Pretty 

 She Would Never Know 

 Shopping King Louie 


 Something in the Rain 


 Strong Woman Do Bong Soon 

 Tell Me That You Love Me (2023) 

 That Winter, The Wind Blows 

 The Beauty Inside (2018)  

 The Crowned Clown 

 The Good Bad Mother 

 The K2 

 The King's Affection 

 The King: Eternal Monarch 

 The Moon That Embraces the Sun 

 The Silent Sea 

 The Uncanny Counter 


 Touch Your Heart 

 True Beauty (2020) 

 True to Love 

 Under the Queen's Umbrella 


 Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo 

 Welcome to Samdal-ri 

 What's Wrong With Secretary Kim 

 You Are My Spring 

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