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Doramas pra Ver (183)

Formato Texto
 18 Again 

 A Love So Beautiful 

 A Taste of First Love 

 A Witch's Love 

 Addicted (2016) 

 After School Luck or Not 

 Alchemy of Souls 

 Angel's Last Mission: Love 

 Anna (2022) 

 Answer Me 1997 

 Are You Human Too? 


 Bachelor's Vegetable Store 

 Bad Couple 

 Bad Family 

 Bad Guy 

 Bad Guys 

 Best Lover 


 Bring It On, Ghost 

 Café Minamdang 

 Catch The Ghost 

 Cheongdam Dong Alice 

 Circle (2017) 

 Cleaning Up (KR) 

 Click Your Heart 

 Come and Hug Me 

 Couple of Mirrors 

 Couple or Trouble 

 Dandelion Family 

 Dear My Friends 

 Desperate Mr. X 

 Don’t be Jealous 


 Dream Knight 

 Drinking Solo 

 Drunk in Good Taste 

 Emergency Man and Woman 

 Eternal Love 

 Eternal Love Rain 

 Ex-Girlfriend Club 

 EXO Next Door 

 Extraordinary You 

 Falling for Challenge  

 First Love Story 

 Fix You 

 Go Ho's Starry Night 

 Growing Season 

 Heart to Heart 

 High-end Crush 

 Hymn of Death 

 I Am Not a Robot 

 I Have a Lover 

 I Have Three Boyfriends 

 I Love Lee Tae Ri 

 I Need Romance 3 

 I Order For You 

 Itaewon Class 

 Jealousy Incarnate 

 Kakegurui (2018) 

 King is Not Easy  

 King of High School Life Conduct 

 Lawless Lawyer 

 Let's Eat 

 Let’s Eat 2 

 Let’s Eat 3 

 Liar Game (SK) 

 Lily Fever 


 Live Up To Your Name 

 Lonely Enough To Love 

 Love (ft. Marriage & Divorce) 

 Love as You Taste 

 Love Cells 

 Love Marriage 

 Love to Our Youth 

 Love, Timeless 

 Lovestruck in the City 

 Man to Man 

 Meet By Window 


 Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories 


 Minami-kun no Koibito: My Little Lover  


 Money Game 

 Mountains and Ocean 

 My Dangerous Wife (KR) 

 My Engineer 

 My Holo Love 

 My Love Eun Dong 

 My Only Love Song 

 My Runway 

 My Sassy Girl (2017) 

 My Secret Hotel 

 My Strange Hero 

 My Unfortunate Boyfriend 

 Neighborhood’s Hero 

 Nightmare Teacher 

 Nine: Nine Times Time Travel 

 Nobleman Ryu's Wedding 

 Nodame Cantabile (2006) 

 Oh My General 

 Oh! My Lady 

 Once Again (2021) 

 One More Time 

 One Spring Night 

 Page Turner 

 Pegasus Market 


 Positive Constitution 

 Pretty Li Hui Zhen 


 Queen In Hyun's Man 

 Queen of the Ring 


 Riders: Catch Tomorrow 

 Romance Full of Life 

 Rookie Historian Goo Hae-Ryung 

 Royal Secret Agent 

 Ruler: Master of the Mask 

 Save Me (KR) 

 Secret Love - Kara 

 Seeking Love 

 Serenade of Peaceful Joy 

 She Is 200 Years Old (2015) 

 She Loves to Cook, and She Loves to Eat 

 Shopping King Louie 


 Solomon's Perjury 

 Somehow 18 

 Somehow Family 

 Sotus: The Series 

 Spark (2016) 

 Splash Splash Love 

 Stock Struck 

 Suits (KR) 

 Super Family 

 Suspicious Family 

 Suspicious Partner 

 Switch Girl 

 Take My Brother Away 

 The Cursed 

 The Gentlemen of Wolgyesu Tailor Shop 

 The Golden Eyes 

 The Great Seducer 

 The Greatest Wedding 

 The K2 

 The Liar and His Lover 

 The Lover 

 The Many Faces of Ito 

 The Mermaid Prince 

 The Miracle 

 The Reputable Family  

 The Rise of Phoenixes 

 The Romance of Tiger and Rose 

 The Secret Life of My Secretary 

 The Secret Message 

 The Silent Sea 

 The Sound of Your Heart 

 The Universe's Star 

 The Unusual Family 

 The Witch's Diner 

 The World of the Married 

 Thirty But Seventeen 

 Thumping Spike 

 To Be Continued 

 Tomorrow Boy 

 Tomorrow With You 

 True Beauty (2020) 

 Twenty Again 

 Two Cops 


 We Best Love 

 We broke up 

 What The Duck: The Series 

 When Spring Comes 

 Where Stars Land 

 Which Star Are You From? 

 Who Are You 

 Wok of Love 

 You've Fallen for Me 

 Your Sensibility My Destiny 

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