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▸ (political) episodes that fucked me up [E]
▸ *breaths in* THERAPY! [E]
▸ chorei igual um bebê [E]
▸ dedo no cu e gritaria [E]
▸ faves ♡ [E]
▸ laughing is the best medicine [E]
▸ soft 🥺 [E]
▸ song beneath the song [E]
☆ christmas time is here 🎄 [E]
☆ spooky scary skeletons 👻 [E]
☞ i feel life for the very first time
☞ my baby shot me down
✯ Always Bet Black
✯ Ó Pátria Amada
✯ Had Me Wishing on a Shooting Star
✯ Life in Color
✯ Little League
✯ Pretty Much Dead Already
✯ The Most Beautiful Time of the Year
✯ We Deserve a Great Love Story, My Dear
➥ Blessed Be the Fruit [E]
➥ Rizzoli. Isles. [E]
➥ Title of Your Sextape [E]
➥ Winter is Coming [E]
[1] a jedi like my father before me
[2] ain't nobody got a mom like mine
[3.0] mes soeurs
[3.1] ana
[3.2] laura
[4.0] friends recommendation
[4.1] thunder & lighting
Listas favoritas de Júlia Leal:
➭ Protagonismo negro
📽 Banco de Filmes!

▸ faves ♡ [E] (19)

Formato Texto
Black-ish - 5x10
Black Like Us

Brooklyn Nine-Nine - 5x10
Game Night

Brooklyn Nine-Nine - 6x8
He Said, She Said

Grey's Anatomy - 8x7
Put Me In, Coach

Grey's Anatomy - 7x18
Song Beneath the Song

Grey's Anatomy - 6x5

Merlin - 5x13
The Diamond of the Day Part Two

One Day at a Time (2017) - 2x9
Hello, Penelope

Rizzoli & Isles - 1x6
I Kissed a Girl

Station 19 - 4x16
Forever and Ever, Amen

Station 19 - 4x12
Get Up, Stand Up

Supergirl - 6x12
Blind Spots

Supergirl - 5x13
It's a Super Life

The Baby-Sitters Club (2020) - 1x4
Mary Anne Saves the Day

The Haunting - 1x5
The Bent-Neck Lady

The Haunting - 1x3

This Is Us - 2x11
The Fifth Wheel

This Is Us - 1x4
The Pool

Wynonna Earp - 4x2
Friends in Low Places

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