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Episódios inesquecíveis
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Episódios inesquecíveis (30)

Formato Texto
13 Reasons Why - 1x13
Tape 7, Side A
Banshee - 3x10
We All Pay Eventually
Banshee - 3x5
Game of Thrones - 6x5
The Door
Game of Thrones - 3x9
The Rains of Castamere
Grey's Anatomy - 15x19
Silent All These Years
Love, Death and Robots - 1x2
Three Robots
One Day at a Time (2017) - 1x13
Orange is the New Black - 7x13
Here's Where We Get Off
Person of Interest - 4x22
Person of Interest - 4x11
Person of Interest - 3x9
The Crossing
Person of Interest - 5x13
return 0
Person of Interest - 5x4
Sense8 - 2x12
Amor Vincit Omnia
Shingeki no Kyojin - 3x7
The Bold Type - 1x10
Carry the Weight
The Expanse - 2x5
The Haunting - 2x9
The Beast in the Jungle
The Haunting - 2x6
The Jolly Corner
The Haunting - 1x5
The Bent-Neck Lady
The Leftovers - 2x8
International Assassin
The Leftovers - 3x8
The Book of Nora
The Leftovers - 2x10
I Live Here Now
This Is Us - 1x4
The Pool
This Is Us - 2x14
Super Bowl Sunday
This Is Us - 1x16
True Detective - 1x8
Form and Void
Westworld - 2x10
The Passenger
Westworld - 2x8
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